New Carts & Website

If you’re reading this, you already know we have a new website! We would also like to announce that we have 40 new Yamaha carts in circulation for the 2016 season. We’re excited to have the carts as they’re running great.

Along with the new website, we also have a new iPad based point of sale system we’re integrating into the course and clubhouse through Teensnap software. One new feature includes the ability to use the iPads to swipe credit cards from beverage carts out on the course.  And there are many more positive changes associated with the new point of sale you’ll witness this season.

Our new website has some awesome features as well. You can book and pay for tee times right from our site. You can also download course calendar events right from our website into your phone or computer. Besides the new features, the new site just looks a lot better.

With these new changes comes growing pains, so bear with us as we transition to the new site and point of sale. We would also love to hear feedback on the site and POS as well so we can improve operations.

We’re excited about the changes and looking forward to a great 2016 season!


IMG_1283 IMG_1282